Jan 062013

2012 was a difficult year. I went self employed at the end of 2011, so that has taken up a fair amount of time. Also my mother was quite ill and passed away in the July. All this has meant that I made no progress with the IHGS course.

It is however my new year’s resolution to make good progress in 2013. So to this end I made a start on the biography of my paternal grandfather, being the third assignment of the second lecture. I will come back to the first two assignments later.

It is interesting that sometimes although we have all the information, i.e. dates of events, places etc. we don’t see the full picture. It remains just information until we try and write the story of these events, linking them together and then we see them come alive. Things we had never seen, jump out at us, as they come from the time and relationship between events.

If we just try and collect names and dates we are missing so much. We have the information but it is as it were dead information. If we aim to understand the lives of our ancestors and write their story that information comes alive and speaks to us. It is this process of telling their story that brings us close to them rather than just the collecting of information.

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