Nov 142011

Had quite a busy weekend on genealogy matters.

Firstly, I made a start on lecture two of the IHGS course by going through the lecture notes. Next weekend I plan to start on the first assignment.

In connection with this lecture, I must get in touch with my uncle, as I wish to discover more about his early life and that of my grandfather. The final assignment in this lecture is to write a biography of one of your grandparents.

Secondly, I have agreed to do a talk on genealogy for our men’s group at church. I have thus been spending time working out what I want to say and putting a powerpoint presentation together, including some of the documents I have. I have decided to go through the basics of tracing from marriage certificate to birth certificate to marriage certificate etc. and looking at how the the censuses can help. Further, I will show a sample of other information that can be found.

It will be interesting to gage the reaction, to see if it worth looking to do other talks. Further to see if I can develop a business out of this hobby.

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