Nov 072011

Well I have finally managed to finish the assignments for the first lecture on the IHGS course.

I now have to wait for the assignments to be marked by the tutor to see how I have done.

The assignments were very different both in content and work done. The first, an autobiography took quite a while and I ended up doing in excess of 14,000 words. This meant that even when it was finished it took quite a wile to go through it to check it etc. It was quite a therapeutic exercise and it is very interesting to look back and realise how much I have actually done in my life. I think that from time to time I will come back to it and filling some of the things I am sure I have missed and keep it up to date.

The second assignment, explaining how you found out information about your direct ancestors was much shorter, coming in a little under 1,500 words. The difficult part was doing the Seize Quartiers drop-line pedigree, working out the best way of doing it and making sure I had included all the information I needed.

So it is on to Lecture two now – Family Records.

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