Sep 072011

The web site has just added Merchant Navy Seamen Records to their ever growing archive. Knowing my grandfather was a merchant seamen for a while I was straight there to see if there was any sign of him.

Very quickly I found him and was able to view a scan of the original document, the form and declaration on receiving his Continuous Certificate of Discharge on 7 September 1922, 89 years ago today. I have his Continuous Certificate of Discharge showing that it was issued following his first trip.

It is just great when you find further information about a relative, it gives me a real buss. It inspires me to look for more.

The great thing about this new document and the actual Continuous Certificate of Discharge is that the give a description of my grandfather. He was 5’ 9” of a fair complexion with blue eyes and light brown hair. Further, he had a cut on the lip.

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