Apr 302013

Got the Report Sheet for the Lecture 2 assignments I submitted the other day.

I found two things amazing. First the speed at which the marks came back, just two days. Then there were the marks, I got, A for all three assignments, though admittedly one was an A-.

I am really pleased with the results I am getting, which show I must be doing something right. I just need to start getting the assignments in a little quicker.

Apr 282013

After quite some time I have finally managed to complete Lecture 2.

One of the main reasons that it took some time was that it involved writing a biography of a grandparent. This took some time to get all the research together, and you are always tempted to seek out a bit more before writing the biography.

It was good though to write the biography. I now have a better understanding of my grandfather (Horace Leighton) and his life and it feels as if I know him better now. It is strange, in that you know most of the information yet it is not until till your write it down in narrative form that it comes alive and how bits connect together in a way you hadn’t realised before.

On to Lecture 3 now, the General Register Office.