Oct 102011

I have been carrying on getting sorting out the research I have done and not put onto GEDitCOM. It is taking quite a bit of time, particularly with the censuses. Sometimes it does not take long to find the person you are looking for and download a copy of the relevant census but updating is a different matter. On some of the censuses I have not only had to update the person I was looking for but also created and update a number of other people.

I must learn from this and update my records after each bit of research before going onto something else.

Having almost done this I have found I have some details of all 16 great-great-grandparents when I thought I only had the information for 12, so that is good. I only have married names for a couple of the ladies so will need to do some more digging at some point.

Oct 042011

I have made a start on the second assignment, which is good.

Part of this is to d a tree with you, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and finally great-great-grandparents it you know them all. I thought that this should be relatively straight forward. I use GEDitCOM II as my main database. I think that this a a great package as is not too expensive and you can customise it be just as you want it. Further, the file structure is basically a GEDCOM file structure. The only downside, for some anyway, it that it is a Mac only product.

So there I was drying my tree and using the information from with in GEDitCOM. I started to thing that I more information than was coming out. I then realised that I have done quite a bit of research including obtaining certificated etc. and had not updated my database. Thus I am in the process of getting my database up to date with all my recent research before I complete this assignment.

At the same time I have committed myself to making sure all research is correctly processed before moving onto any more.

I had not updated for the certificated that showed my great-grandmother re-marrying following the death of my great-grandfather or the great find of pages from a family bible held in the East Yorkshire archives and the recent find of seaman’s records for my grandfather mentioned previously in this blog.