Sep 262011

Yesterday I worked on my autobiography again, and finally got to the end, what a relief.

There is bout two final steps, to go through it a couple of time to pickup on any errors and add some picture/documents to break up the text a little.

I cannot explain how good this feels. I feel in part as though I have finally got started on the course and that I am now actually moving forward.

Assignment two should be a lot quicker. We shall have to see!!

Sep 202011

Despite having not finished assignment one I have been thinking about assignment two quite a bit over the last few days. So today I thought I would make a start on the drop-line pedigree chart. This has to be done manually, i.e. not using genealogy software.

I thought I could do it in Word using a table, but this was not going well. So I turned to Excel and managed to set it up quite well, with the use of merged cells. The aim was to get the basic layout set up, but I got carried away and ended up completing the chart. I just meed to do the written part of the assignment now.

In future, my first port of call fro drawing charts will be Excel.

It feels as though I am starting to make some progress at last.

Sep 192011

I managed to do more on my autobiography yesterday. As it was my wife’s birthday there was limited time for the IHGS course this Sunday.

However I did think that I might get through the last few years. I just did not realise how much has happened in the last few years, some quite significant. It just keeps going and going. I have done 12,500 words and there are still four years to go.

This next Sunday I must finish it, in therms of getting up to date, and then go back through it and tidy it up.

Sep 102011

I managed to make progress with my first assignment, my autobiography, today. I was hoping to have more or less completed it today, but there is still some way to go. This is dispute the fact that I have done nearly 11,000 words.

There seems so much to say considering I did not think I had done much in my life. I do worry though that I am getting into too much detail that would not interest anyone other than me, not even my great-grandchildren. Am I being a little bit of a perfectionist in trying to get everything in.

On the other side, when people publish their autobiographies they are whole books of may thousands of words.

I must just press on and get to the end!

Sep 072011

The web site has just added Merchant Navy Seamen Records to their ever growing archive. Knowing my grandfather was a merchant seamen for a while I was straight there to see if there was any sign of him.

Very quickly I found him and was able to view a scan of the original document, the form and declaration on receiving his Continuous Certificate of Discharge on 7 September 1922, 89 years ago today. I have his Continuous Certificate of Discharge showing that it was issued following his first trip.

It is just great when you find further information about a relative, it gives me a real buss. It inspires me to look for more.

The great thing about this new document and the actual Continuous Certificate of Discharge is that the give a description of my grandfather. He was 5’ 9” of a fair complexion with blue eyes and light brown hair. Further, he had a cut on the lip.

Sep 032011

I am currently on the IHGS (The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies) Correspondence Course and thought it would be good to record my progress, my ups and downs as I progress through the course. This is mainly for my own benefit but may well be useful for others looking at doing a Genealogy/Family History course.

I have been doing the course now since the end of September last year but due to personal circumstances have yet to finish the first assignment. However, writing this blog should give me the impetus I need to progress on the course.

I am finding this first assignment quite challenging but very interesting and thought provoking. It is to write an autobiography, something your great grandchildren would find interesting. I am nearly half way through my life and have already done nearly 7,000 word. Plan to make marked progress tomorrow.