Apr 282013

After quite some time I have finally managed to complete Lecture 2.

One of the main reasons that it took some time was that it involved writing a biography of a grandparent. This took some time to get all the research together, and you are always tempted to seek out a bit more before writing the biography.

It was good though to write the biography. I now have a better understanding of my grandfather (Horace Leighton) and his life and it feels as if I know him better now. It is strange, in that you know most of the information yet it is not until till your write it down in narrative form that it comes alive and how bits connect together in a way you hadn’t realised before.

On to Lecture 3 now, the General Register Office.

Oct 102011

I have been carrying on getting sorting out the research I have done and not put onto GEDitCOM. It is taking quite a bit of time, particularly with the censuses. Sometimes it does not take long to find the person you are looking for and download a copy of the relevant census but updating is a different matter. On some of the censuses I have not only had to update the person I was looking for but also created and update a number of other people.

I must learn from this and update my records after each bit of research before going onto something else.

Having almost done this I have found I have some details of all 16 great-great-grandparents when I thought I only had the information for 12, so that is good. I only have married names for a couple of the ladies so will need to do some more digging at some point.

Oct 042011

I have made a start on the second assignment, which is good.

Part of this is to d a tree with you, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and finally great-great-grandparents it you know them all. I thought that this should be relatively straight forward. I use GEDitCOM II as my main database. I think that this a a great package as is not too expensive and you can customise it be just as you want it. Further, the file structure is basically a GEDCOM file structure. The only downside, for some anyway, it that it is a Mac only product.

So there I was drying my tree and using the information from with in GEDitCOM. I started to thing that I more information than was coming out. I then realised that I have done quite a bit of research including obtaining certificated etc. and had not updated my database. Thus I am in the process of getting my database up to date with all my recent research before I complete this assignment.

At the same time I have committed myself to making sure all research is correctly processed before moving onto any more.

I had not updated for the certificated that showed my great-grandmother re-marrying following the death of my great-grandfather or the great find of pages from a family bible held in the East Yorkshire archives and the recent find of seaman’s records for my grandfather mentioned previously in this blog.

Sep 072011

The web site findmypast.co.uk has just added Merchant Navy Seamen Records to their ever growing archive. Knowing my grandfather was a merchant seamen for a while I was straight there to see if there was any sign of him.

Very quickly I found him and was able to view a scan of the original document, the form and declaration on receiving his Continuous Certificate of Discharge on 7 September 1922, 89 years ago today. I have his Continuous Certificate of Discharge showing that it was issued following his first trip.

It is just great when you find further information about a relative, it gives me a real buss. It inspires me to look for more.

The great thing about this new document and the actual Continuous Certificate of Discharge is that the give a description of my grandfather. He was 5’ 9” of a fair complexion with blue eyes and light brown hair. Further, he had a cut on the lip.